1.  the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other

The 1st inning is the only time of the game where a manager can control who bats 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The 7th place hitter is very rarely the *seventh* hitter in an inning.  His first at bat may find him batting “second” in the 2nd inning.  Or batting lead-off…in the 3rd inning. Continue reading RESTORING ORDER


“I think I like the Old Busch better” said actual, breathing people, when New Busch Stadium opened in 2006.

Of course, they didn’t mean what they said, they were understandably referencing memories they allowed an old building to contain. You’re welcome to say you prefer pitchers hitting for themselves to the Designated Hitter, but I’ll bet you, too, are holding on to yesteryear. Continue reading OLD BUSCH AND THE DESIGNATED PITCHER


The paradox of coaching, to me, is that while you must express optimism externally, successful coaches tend to internalize pessimism when assessing the fluid reality of their team.

“What’s most likely to go wrong, and how can I prevent it?”

“To what do I most credit our success, and how can I build upon that equity–so nothing can compromise it down the road?”

You’d have to be pessimistic in nature to find holes with the Cardinals, currently. Continue reading BENCHING OPTIMISM