Chip Kelly has never married a woman, much less a quarterback.

He isn’t the emotional type—the best decision makers never are.

Why isn’t he worried about replacing his QB?  Probably because he’s replaced Dennis Dixon with Jeremiah Masoli with Darron Thomas with Marcus Mariota.

Why isn’t he worried about replacing Nick Foles?  Probably because he did so last year, after Foles started the first 8 games, in came Mark Sanchez for the last eight:

Foles:        2163yds, 58.8%, 13 TD, 10 INT, 81.4 Rtg

Sanchez:  2418yds, 64.1%, 14 TD, 11 INT, 88.4 Rtg

It’s not the Rams/financial end of the trade that I fail to understand. It’s the snap to judgment that Chip Kelly may not know what he’s doing.

Here’s a coach who went to a BCS Bowl in all four of his seasons as Oregon’s head coach.  Those Ducks teams averaged 44.7 points per game. Forty-four.

Here’s a coach who is 20-12 in his first two NFL seasons, with offenses that ranked in the top 5 in both points per game and net yards. Both years saw mid-season changes at the most important position.

His first Eagles team broke the franchise record for points scored.

So did his second Eagles team.

The two 2104 teams that scored more points than the Eagles weren’t quarterbacked by the guy from the butt fumble.  They had Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning.

Another non-emotional coach comes to mind when I think of Kelly. One who’s cut ties with franchise favorites, preferring to be one year too early rather than one year too late:  Richard Seymour, Logan Mankins, Deion Branch, Adam Vinatieri, Lawyer Milloy, Vince Wilfork, Wes Welker, Randy Moss.

Bill Belichick’s legacy will forever be tied to Tom Brady.  But I can’t forget that he improbably went 10-6 in a season that saw him lose Brady to injury in Week 1.

Many will cite Sam Bradford’s injury history, and do so without mention of the three times Nick Foles has lost time to injuries since college.  Is that because Rams fans were emotionally tied to Bradford’s injuries while unaffected, at the time, by Foles’?  The Rams didn’t exactly trade for Cal Ripken.

Chip Kelly’s concern isn’t Bradford’s bad luck.  His concern is giving his offense the most talented quarterback it’s ever had.

Bradford may very well tear his ACL again.

History suggests why Chip’s not too worried about it.

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