“There are 30 seconds left, and he needs one homer to tie, and two to win.”  That’s a statement that would send all eyes to the TV–at least more so than “Has he earned any bonus time?”

Hitters earned significant bonus time for home runs of 420+ feet at this year’s much improved Derby.  I’m not sure why the arbitrary 420.  Is 422 feet that much more impressive than 417?  What if it was an absolute moonshot that took an eternity to land at 417? What if it was a 417-foot laser that the hitter squared up perfectly, exiting the playing field in a nanosecond?

Should we not count home runs that just creep over the 330 sign in the LF corner, and count the fly ball outs that land just shy of the 390 sign in dead center?

How about we just count home runs in the home run derby?

The guy with 10 home runs in his four minutes, shouldn’t lose to the guy who hit 8 homers…but then hit 3 more in his 90 seconds of bonus time.

And really, should the great sport of baseball be promoting muscling up for the longest of longballs?  We’ve been down that *road* before.


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