There’s a major push on twitter to #BanCharges.

I’d prefer a similar push to #ShootBetter.

What do people think would happen to the game of basketball if players were incentivized to dribble into people more than they already do?  Do you think the sad state of shooting (particularly at the amateur level) would stand a chance to get better?

What’s wrong with requiring offense to do one of two things in order to beat defense:

  • Go around it
  • Shoot over it

My least favorite thing about today’s basketball, is rewarding an eyes-down dribbler whose determined to go through defense.  This is often because a player doesn’t have the requisite skill to shoot/score over a legal defender.

How often do skilled shooters like Steph Curry or JJ Redick charge?

Or maybe, if there’s a defender between you and the basket, you could–I don’t know–pass it to a teammate?  Maybe string enough passes* together to manipulate the defense in a way that makes it easier to score upon?
(*Passes is plural for pass, indicating that more than one pass was made during a possession.)

How often do great passing teams like the Spurs charge?

Would you rather watch players and teams mimic those above….or watch a free throw fest?

Banning charges would diminish the skill set one would need to be good at basketball, lessening the disparity between an NBA all-star and an NFL running back wearing high tops.

#BanCharges people:  What should primary defenders be allowed to do?  Why is there more attention paid to whether a defender embellished his fall versus what *caused* the fall?

Speaking of falling, had Temple’s rebounder flopped, would that have made Iowa’s Adam Woodbury’s push any more illegal?

No flop, no whistle? Then  don't blame the flopper.
At least he was man enough not to flop.  Or play in Round 2.

A defender establishes legal guarding position–per Rule 4-23-2–when he has both feet touching the court (in bounds) and the front of his torso is facing the offensive player.

That’s it.

No, the defender doesn’t have to be “set”.

What’s more, once legal guarding position has been established, he can move laterally or backward, in an attempt to maintain LGP. He can jump vertically, or even “turn or duck to absorb the shock of imminent contact”.

And why shouldn’t he be able to?
What else would he do?

feet down, torso facing...
Feet down, torso facing…


Shouldering the burden for better offense.
“Shouldering” the burden for better offense.

Good offensive players & teams see and read defense.

Then they counter it.

Lesser players resort to going through it.

And, evidently, using hashtags.


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