Aaron Rodgers can’t win the big one.  If he could, he surely wouldn’t have mishandled that onside kick that Seattle’s Russell Wilson heroically recovered.

Okay, that’s not what happened, but if Aaron Rodgers’ career ends with “just” one championship, will we remember the details?  If Brandon Bostick cleanly fields that onside kick, there’s a different type of light shone on Wilson’s 14-29, 4 INT clunker of an NFC Championship Game.  But instead it was Wilson whom the cameras found for a conversation of joyful tears and lessons of resiliency.

Wilson is resilient—but not because a reserve tight end went all renegade on his special team assignment.  It’s also not because Mike McCarthy has yet to master math, mainly the difference between 3 and 7, especially when your calculator has an Aaron Rodgers button.

So keep this year’s NFC Playoffs in mind the next time you’re tempted to measure accomplished individuals by their team’s accomplishments.


Matt Stafford didn’t make that pass interference flag disappear in Dallas.

Tony Romo didn’t rule a non-catch when Dez Bryant’s, umm, secured the ball in his hands before it hit the ground.

Aaron Rodgers didn’t lose his lunch on an onside kick.

And, never was Brad Johnson (1) better than Warren Moon (0).



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