“The new slide rule.”

Or is it the “Now enforced interference rule?”

Either way, the Rays beat the Blue Jays last night, partly because an umpire ruled that a player who we all agree deliberately tried to interfere with a fielder was guilty of….interference.

Jose Bautista, the slider in question, admits a fair amount if intent.  But I rather enjoyed this quote:

“I felt like I slid directly to the bag.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.54.56 AM

Usually when I say I’m going to a destination, I speak of the place I intend on ending up–not places I passed by.

“He’s going into the bag,” says manager John Gibbons.

Do you tell your wife you went *into* church, because you passed by one on your way to the bar?

I can assure you what John Gibbons tells his wife:
Nothing, because it ‘ain’t none of her business’.

“Maybe we’ll come out wearing dresses tomorrow.”

That a boy, John.  Misogyny is a great way to indicate you know best for leading us into 2017.  Hey everyone, let’s gather ’round John Gibbons for insight–ladies first, of course.

More from the forward-thinking Gibbons:
“That’s been baseball forever.”

That’s the problem, John.

The hypocrisy of baseball’s desire for manliness has a special place in my heart.  Let us self-police with beanballs, yet beanballs routinely lead to on-field disagreements.  Let us take out fielders,  but fielders can’t hinder runners.

Where was Gibbons’ “That’s been baseball forever” when Jose Bautista flipped his bat in last year’s playoffs like it was a baton in a homecoming parade?

A-Rod was once chastised for yelling “I got it” to confuse infielder Howie Clark on a pop up, but Jose Bautista is somehow the victim after sliding into and grabbing the foot of a fielder with the ball?

Why are these two occurrences of intended interference viewed so differently?

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.07.02 AM

So, yeah, maybe John Gibbons forgot to inform his team of the new rule,  but know that he had on some jeans when he did.

“It’s an embarrassment.”

It sure is, John.



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