I have to apologize for my social media accounts having been hacked.  Evidently someone posted “Tell me how your bracket’s doing.”

What is it about the NCAA Tournament that leads people to think their arbitrary picks are what everyone else wants to know about?

“I actually had Northern Iowa in my bracket!”

I tried to think of a comparable post that means similarly little to it’s audience:

“I did a load of whites today!”

I warned last March that I’m over the fake madness.  And how can it be ‘madness’ when it happens every year?  Is doing your taxes ‘madness’?  What about Flag Day?

Wisconsin boasts three wins over Top 10 teams this year.
Wisconsin lost to Milwaukee and Western Illinois at home this year.

December Madness!

Maybe the worst part is people indirectly discrediting accomplishments with labels like Cinderella.  What’s cinderella about a team that breaks its ass for 5 1/2 months and is good enough to make a tournament that doesn’t include 283 Division I teams?

You’re that surprised that they won a singular game?

Yale’s James Jones has been his school’s head coach for seventeen long years.  Cinderella?  “How does Yale out-rebound Baylor?” was a common question Thursday night, answered hilariously by Baylor’s Taurean Prince.

Nevermind that Yale ranked in the top 10 nationally in both offensive and defensive rebounding percentage all season long–the only school to do so.

They also out-rebounded their opponent Saturday 42-28.
Some school called Duke.

Those sorts of facts get in the way of the March Madness narrative.

Yale was ranked 41st in KenPom‘s computer rankings.
Stephen F. Austin?  24th.

But if Notre Dame (38), Pitt (45), or Providence (47) win–it’s no big deal.

Between Pitt & Providence at 46th: Arkansas-Little Rock.


If you don’t remember that come next March…well, that’s the madness.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.38.21 AM




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