Tonight is a pivotal Game 5 between the Blues and Wild, and I know exactly what will happen:We will all overreact to the outcome.


A student in my class yesterday announced he was glad that the Blues had claimed the momentum in the series.

To which I responded:

Like the momentum they had ending the year strongly (beating the Wild in the last game, no less), only to lose Game 1 of the series?

Which transferred the momentum to Minnesota, who lost Game 2.

That momentum was squandered famously by the Blues in Game 3.

And Minnesota would’ve needed seven goals in addition to the  momentum they had in their pocket during Game 4. 

What does momentum look like? Is it tall? Is it orange? Does one player take it home after the game, or is it divvied up among them equally?

The Blues series reads not like a case study in momentum, but one of human nature.

At what age should you discuss momentum with your children? Before the Easter Bunny and after Santa Claus?

I also can predict the future about the score of Game 6:  zero-zero.  I bet that’s how Game 6 begins, regardless of who wins Game 5.

3 thoughts on “MOMENTUM & SANTA CLAUS”

  1. For an individual, I think it’s more confidence than momentum–particularly in games involving youth players. But in the articles/data that I’ve read, past makes are not a predictor of future makes.

    Tarasenko–was it momentum that helped him score additional goals, or was it just that he’s…awesome?

    When Kevin Durant has hit 5 shots in a row, I don’t credit a different reason for shots 4 and 5 than I do for 1, 2 and 3.

    If I have a player who’s hit his last three shots, I’d be more inclined to say that he’s been hot, versus that he *is* hot.

    As for drawing the last play, I’d likely draw it for my best shooter. I might choose a different shooter who’s had a good day, provided the shots he’s made are of similar ilk to the one I think he’ll need to make on the last play. For instance, Jordan’s FG% would often relate to the degree of difficulty of the shots he’d take….versus Paxson/Kerr shooting versus the help that Jordan would draw.

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