The most used attempt to minimize Deflategate is to point out the disparity in the AFC Championship score:  Patriots 45, Colts 7.

Is that the lesson: cheating is relative to  margin of victory?

What about the game before the Colts, when New England narrowly beat the Ravens 35-31?

Before sentencing a convicted thief, should we consider the wealth of the burglary victim?

A lighter sentence for a murderer whose victim was already 85 years old?

And attempted murder….take it easy on that guy–his aim is poor.

Let’s cut Richard Nixon some slack on that whole Watergate thing too. No sense in replacing a guy who carried 49 states in the 1972 election.

Punish for what the culprit *tried* to do. The Patriots tried to cheat the integrity of the game.

Multiple times.

And is there any doubt as to whether they learned their lesson from the Spygate punishment?

The NFL should keep this in mind, when deciding its sentence:

You will always get what you tolerate.

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